We are a amazing, creative team full of fun and compassion.  Owner Creator, Laura Bernal, decided that after being a Cubhouse Manager for Bashas’  that she wanted her own giant Playroom. “That was the best job ever! I got paid for playing! Now with the museum I can continue to play and be my own boss with my own creative vision.” says Bernal.

Diane Silva is Laura’s niece and shares the vision by contributing her vast childcare knowledge and fun spirit. “Diane is such a valuable member to our success, she is my go-to person and invaluable when it comes to helping with the children.” brags Laura.

Other members of the family lend a helping hand. Porter helps with maintenance and where ever he is needed. Daughters Kiana and Kate assist with operations. Chris, her son, will be running the up and coming lunch room. Best friend Julie lends a hand and contributes her artwork.