Birthday Parties

IMG_8619.JPGThanks for considering us for your Child’s Birthday Location. Birthdays will now be booked only Saturdays at 2 pm. A party is $80.00 for 2 hours. (A 100 deposit is due upon booking the date, we will not hold a  date without a cash deposit first. The extra $20 will be refunded if there isn’t extra children or damage.) This price includes the rental rate of the facility (15.00 per hour= 2 hours for $30) 12 child guest (the other $50.00) ages Walking to age 12. Your birthday child is free and so are adults. Each additional child guest is 5.00 per child.  Keep in mind that if your child guest’s parent leaves you are solely responsible for them. You may want to leave a guest list to avoid self invited guest of your guest. (Due to the Museum’s newness to the area allot of extras can occur.) Yes, you can bring in food and are to bring in your own party ware such as plates, specialized themed items, (ie. Princess tablecloth) and games. Please be aware that food must be kept in the party area and that children must have clean hands to be in the playfloor and playrooms. Be sure to keep all your child’s gifts with you and to hand out parting gifts or party bags when the children leave. The play floor has too many places for items to be misplaced and retrieving them for a upset child could be overwhelming. We hope you chose our place for your child’s day and look forward to meeting with you to book the room.


We also do birthday parties for adults that have children. What a better way for mom to relax and visit with friends on her special day. Same prices and rules apply.